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Enterprise Security for Tomorrow

Blade Solutions offers managed security services for businesses, individuals, families, and events. We deploy the best security products available so your livelihood is safeguarded against the most advanced threats.  


We Are More Than A Security Company

Our mission is to deliver best in class technology and cyber security solutions for individuals and businesses all over the world.

We provide managed IT / Technology services for individuals, families, and businesses.

24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC) / Virtual Operation Center (VOC).

OSINT, CSINT and HUM intelligence gathering.

Rapid onsite incident reposnse and digtial forensic expertise.

Direct vendor relationships to limit third party exposure.


How Blade Solutions Works



Every client relationship starts with a thorough cyber, physical security, dark web and digital hygiene assessment



Blade Solution deploys the best enterprise security solutions to help mitigate advance threats and future proof your assests



We monitor every aspect of your digital life to ensure that the systems we put in place are activily mitigating threats


Our rapid repsonse teams handle security incidents both onsite and remotely ensuring malicous events are solved immediately

Incident Response (IR)

Blade Solutions has the best cyber and internal threat investigators. Combing years of expertise from all levels of the federal government, DOD, NSA, academia, and fortune 100 companies, we can guide you through malicious events.

Our incident repsonse team is trained in perserving all digital evidence and can act as your point of contact with local and federal law enforcement, along with aiding your legal and PR teams.

Services We Provide

Blade Solutions is a MSP and MSSP that provides IT and Cyber Services which includes configuration hardening, remote support, MDR, SIEM, incident response, and forensic analysis.


  • Network Management
  • XDR Management
  • Remote Support
  • Application Administration
  • Exchange / Workspace Admin
  • Patching / Firmware Upgrades


  • Application Server Management
  • OS Image Creation / Maintenance
  • Software Migration
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Device As A Server (DAAS)
  • Domain Management


  • Corporate Policy Creation
  • Cyber Insurance Underwriting
  • Legal Testimony / IT Legal Contact
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Travel Safe Monitoring
  • Security Testing / Red Teaming

Brand / IP Monitoring

  • Social Media Monitor
  • Dark Web Scrapping
  • Sentiment Scores
  • Social Analytics
  • Threat Hunting
  • Active Insurance (AI)

IR / Intel / Forensics

  • IR Emergency Call Line
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Real time OSINT / CSINT
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Computer / Server Forensics


  • 24/7/365
  • Logs and Alerts ingestation
  • Threat remediation
  • Centralized HQ
  • Network of  field experts
  • Secure Video Surveillance Feeds

Infrastructure Partners

MSP Partners

Allowing Your Business to Grow

Our partnerships allow clients access to enterprise services at an entry level costs. We can provide the very best in security, future proof clients infrastructure, and directly manage resources and licensing.

These relationships also provide a securtiy cushion so our client systems and data are not exposed through multiple levels of MSP heirarchy. 

Cloud Services

The world is moving to the cloud, so we partnered with the best cloud service providers to ensure your data is protected. All of our cloud partners have industry leading security practices.

The cloud allows us to become more flexible in both a work and personal digital environment. This flexibility grants us the ability to address problems anywhere in the world.

Security Products

It is important to deploy security products that coexist together without generating noise. The products we offer are not only compatible, but they are considered the best in class.

We have developed security stacks for both the home and business that will help mitigate risks and allow us to respond efficiently to actionable threats.

Backup and Continuity

Just as important as your security stack is your continuity stack. No matter if it is a hardware failure or a nefarious actor, having the proper backups inplace will save you and your company countless hours recovering lost data.

We have partnered with industry leaders in the backup and continuity space, allowing our client to choose from a wide range of options and pricing.


Secure communcation and connections to digital asset is paramount in establishing a security bubble. Our partners offer encrypted calling, voice, chat, and text allowing you and your company to conduct business securely.

During the pandemic, there was an increase in employees needing to access work assets. Along with a traditional VPN, we offer fail over internet and the ability to remotely access computers through various remote applications.

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Location and Hours

Blade operates globally providing a local edge. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are always where our customers need us to be.

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